Maria Ysabel Cedano

300,000 Peruvian Women Forcibly Sterilized

Reports have revealed at least 300,000 (mainly indigenous Quechua) women were forcibly sterilized by the Fujimori government in Peru from 1996 to 2000. Not to mention the sexual violence, including: rape, sexual slavery, genital mutilation, torturing pregnant women, forced prostitution, forced pregnancy and forced abortion.

Under the guise of the Voluntary Surgical Contraception program, then President Alberto Fujimori  had authorized a large-scale involuntary tubal ligation to be carried out primarily on poor women. Although Fujimori is now in prison for various charges, including corruption and human-rights abuses he has never been charged for authorizing the forced sterilization program.

I have personally spent time with Quechua women, they are the kindest, happiest and most gentle people I have ever known. These actions fill me with disgust for my fellow man.

Fortunately María Ysabel Cedano, director of Demus, a women’s rights group in Lima, Peru is seeking justice for these women. Although how can you possibly obtain justice to the theft of the capacity to give life, that kind of justice seems unattainable.

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