“I ask you not to suffer from the poverty of imagination.”

Bugs, Bits and Engineering Bioforms: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

George Poste
Chief Scientist, Complex Adaptive Systems Initiative, Arizona State University

George Poste speaks about  the incredible magical potentials and grave threats of current and emerging future biotechnologies and how these things will impact society. The Warring Futures event was sponsored jointly by Arizona State University, New America Foudnation, and Slate magazine.

My favorite quotes below:

“I ask you not to suffer from the poverty of imagination.”

“The insularity and siloed nature of US government agencies.. this is not the agility that we had in the face of the cold war, this is not the agility that we need to deal not just with military issues but the issues of the global columns because they get dismissed as too hard, bullshit, its always been that way for every generation. We have to recognize that the problem exists. 

Denial and avoidance and paralysis are meant and continue to fund the usual suspects to do the things that represent the ossification of anachronistic systems is precisely why the poverty of imagination has failed every other nation and why we believe we would be exempt from it I find quite extraordinary. That means I would submit ladies and gentlemen that boldness drives innovation and this country is in grave danger of losing its boldness.”


Jaclyn Hawtin

Jaclyn Hawtin is an expert in the field of technology and international development. She has successfully led multiple growth focused technology programs in both the public and private sectors. Her previous assignments abroad have posted her throughout Europe and South America.