Kakenya Ntaiya – A women who refuses to accept oppression

Kakenya Ntaiya made a choice in her life at the ripe age of 13 NOT to ACCEPT the oppression of women occurring in the Maasai village she grew up in. She negotiated with her male elders to allow her to attend high school in exchange for her agreement to participate in the traditional female circumcision ceremony.

Her efforts have brought great success. Against great odds she has recently built a school that is shifting gender expectations within her community. This has empowered 125 young Maasai women. The curriculum at the school focuses on academics, leadership and female empowerment, along with cultural preservation and life skills.

We need more people like Kakenya, I would love to meet her!.

Jaclyn Hawtin

Jaclyn Hawtin is an expert in the field of technology and international development. She has successfully led multiple growth focused technology programs in both the public and private sectors. Her previous assignments abroad have posted her throughout Europe and South America.