Technology, New Tools for Global Conservation Efforts

How is Technology Changing Conservation Globally?

  1. More can be seen and in more detail than ever before.
  2. People can be plugged into nature so that they can connect and observe even from a distance. Scientists can now go on virtual ride along’s where tech enables them to virtually be with an animal as they move through their daily routine.
  3. Provides capabilities for enhancing security in order to protect nature.

What are these new technologies?

GPS Tracking Technologies

GPS locators are used to track the movements of different animals around the world including the migration of birds, the movement elephants through their landscape and jaguars hunting their prey in the Amazon rainforest. This kind of technology not only helps scientists better understand animal behavior aiding in conservation efforts but can also help prevent poaching and other illegal activities.


The first, secure, online whistleblower platform dedicated to Wildlife & Forest Crime. This website utilizes Tor, a tool that enables people to access the internet completely anonymously. Who uses Tor you might ask? Well, primarily normal people, the military, journalists, law enforcement officers, activists, and many others. In the context of conservation this tool is really handy for activists in that it enables individuals to be able to report Wildleaks while maintaining complete anonymity. This is really important as there are many powerful groups that prefer to keep this type of information hidden.  So far, Wildleaks has received information regarding illegal poaching for ivory, illegal fishing and illegal logging in multiple continents around the world and has successfully aided in the halt of illegal activities.

Google Earth Outreach

Google Earth Outreach gives nonprofits and public benefit organizations the knowledge and resources they need to visualize their cause and tell their story.  This tool is turbo charging science by providing access to a  sort of living breathing dashboard for the planet where you can almost in near real time observe deforestation and other changes that are happening around the planet.


* For more information on these topics check out the Diane Rehm show: How Technology is Transforming Conservation Worldwide..

Jaclyn Hawtin

Jaclyn Hawtin is an expert in the field of technology and international development. She has successfully led multiple growth focused technology programs in both the public and private sectors. Her previous assignments abroad have posted her throughout Europe and South America.