The Future of Picking up Women Through the Utilization of Augmented Reality

Experiences like this using augmented reality are right around the corner for everyday consumers. But I really do hope that people find more creative ways to use this technology than picking up on women. The main premise of this advertisement was to elicit sex from a women using information that was gathered through a wireless network and displayed in an ‘augmented’ form through the use of¬†inconspicuous glasses.¬† She proceeded to meet him at his personal home on the same day that she had interacted with him for the first time at a bar for a minute at most. That seems pretty scandalous to me.

The point here, is that the majority of women of the future are going to be knowledgeable of these things. Today most women are already on alert given the ease of accessibility of private information via social networks and the internet. Do not expect that this technology is going to provide a masculine advantage across the board, there will be a balance. If we are to take this specific type of application under consideration, the counter-balance will likely come in the form of an app. designed to inform women of commonly known creeps, men who’s goal is to sleep with as many women as possible. I am assuming this was what the ad was intending, as a ‘normal’ man would have been completely honest with the women in this ad, and would have admitted that he was using this cool new technology to impress her.

Anyway it needs to be said that people will attempt to abuse and manipulate others with every new technology that comes out, and we as consumers need to pay attention to these dangers and make sure that we are informed as they emerge and go to market. Continued public participation and debate will help to form and mold policies that can help in maintaining high levels of consumer understanding before dangerous products hit the market.

What Do You Think?

Let me know what you think about both this type of application being available to users, and also about the way that this ad in particular was designed.

In my opinion the technology itself here is not what is threatening, it was the way in which the video designer positioned the content that ‘inspires’ others to manipulate in that way.


Jaclyn Hawtin

Jaclyn Hawtin is an expert in the field of technology and international development. She has successfully led multiple growth focused technology programs in both the public and private sectors. Her previous assignments abroad have posted her throughout Europe and South America.